By Phoebe Higgins

Image: Minna Leunig

Image: Minna Leunig


A mottled cat, middle aged, slunk past me
On the step where I sat
It said “Boo Goodes, Boo Goodes”
So I punched it in the face.

In the park
a school girl threw a stone at a swan,
“That’s cruelty against animals!” I yelled,
and took a photo of her underwear.

On the TV there’s no picture
Just black and white pixels
I bang the top of it with the palm of my hand
As if giving it a high-five.

The cat jumps on my windowsill, so scraggily
“The snake’s tongue is flickering,” it says
“What you say cunt?” I say
“The AFL is drafting” 

Over the fence
A mother hangs out a schoolboy’s uniform
Black, red and yellow
Never seen that school before

The young drafts line up
Harold’s son is writing an article
The hottest AFL wives
“How hot is your wife?” 
“I don’t have a wife, I’m only 18.”

The drafts put on their new uniform
Blue, red and white
Most importantly white

“That darned mottled cat!”

I watch it jump off the windowsill
Slink between the grass.
It’s singing the Australian anthem
“We’ll foil with hearts and hands”

If this was America I’d shoot it
But this is Australia
So I go outside and punch it

It cowers under the willow tree. 

Over the fence
A mother sings
“Nara Bura Fera
Yumena yalla yalla.”

Never heard that song before.